Home Elevations And Floor Plans

Generally, home elevations Floor Plans come with several pictures of the exterior, front, rear and a mirror view and also some pictures of the floor plans and the elevations. Of course,the full set of blueprints are also available with all the dimensions specified.

Typical for Home Elevations Floor Plans kind of homes is the classic exterior with colonial and southern influences, the traditional lines and the broad front porch giving it its charm and the comfort of decades past.

The space is very well used, the facilities of a large house fitting easily into the design, with three bedrooms on the first floor, two full baths and two half ones. There are four sets of French doors, two for the first bedroom and another two for the dining room just off the foyer.

The kitchen comes with a walk-in pantry and an angled serving counter extending to the sun room and the bayed breakfast area. Then we have the family room, a relaxing place, basking in the warmth of a fireplace and the light of the window wall that looks out on the rear deck.

There are also two walk-in closets and a private bath included by the master bedroom. The garage is pretty large, allowing the entrance of two cars and on the upper floor you can relax in a private bedroom that includes another walk-in closet and a full bath.

Each home comes with an attic storage above the garage. This is not the only type of home that you can find, several other are available and you will find all the exterior elevations, the floor and the roof plans that best fit your requirements and your expectations.