Italian Style House Plans

The Italian house style can be visible using in your house construction towers. They are grandiose and in the same time gracious. The windows must be arched in a gently way and be very nice integrated into the brick facing.

A villa in this style can even afford a very high ceiling for the family room. A great room with a huge fireplace, a big wall of glass and a library with build in shelves for books. The formal dining room can't miss when we talk about the italian style house plans.

The back hall could connect the rooms to the back kitchen. The staircase is useful and a must if you're planning a house with more then a floor. You could ingeniously use the space beneath the staircase. The porch is another nice touch and when the weather let's you this is the best place for dining.

Three bedrooms should be sufficient in general. It depend how large is your family. But don't forget you are the king of the house so your bedroom has the splendid back view a private bath and a large utility closet.

Two floors is the general standard but you can upgrade your italian style house plans to a three level house with the help of a good architect. You don't have to live in Italy to have such a house. If you respect their people and appreciate their culture this can be the perfect house for you and you can even make some Italian friend this way.