Medical Office Floor Plans

A great medical office floor plans will cover the possibility that multiple offices will be inside at one point so it has to be very efficient. Under the office it's common now to build a parking floor with several entrances so this has to be taken into consideration as well as an adjacent surface parking spot.

You have to build this complex in a convenient location especially for clients and medical personnel. A building to suit, close to the hospital and an ample parking lot are very important features.

Each floor has to offer different services for patience. A waiting room and a reception aria are the first to have allocated space on the plans. After this, the other rooms: for consultation, exam rooms and conference rooms have to be placed.

A courtyard between the Hospital and medical office it's recommended. The first floor it's usually for surgery centre and diagnostic facilities like MRI. If you can afford 2-3 floors you can also include a medical clinic for special services.

The basic rooms you gave to take into consideration are for anaesthesia, surgery, neurology, gynaecology and psychiatry. The rest depends on how big you space is and what do you intent to do with it. Being in an advance century the digital charting and electronic technology will have to cover all areas in the building. Finally the exterior of the building must be in harmony with the existing facilities.