Recreation Centre Floor Plans  

Our life gets more and more complicated every day. The time runs faster than ever before… and very soon you realize that you have lost your time, your health, your money and your life. But it doesn’t have to be like that for you, too. It’s you’re choice if you will lose your money, your health, your life.

There are two important things that shouldn’t be neglected if you want a life that worth living. First: organize yourself, make plans, and think for the future and not for the past. And second: take time for relaxation; take time to enjoy the wonders that surround you. Easy to say it, hard to do it, isn’t it?

But what would you say if I would show you how to combine them? It’s very simple and it’s very profitable also. Organize, prepare and plan a recreation centre. With a good advertising you will soon recover all you money.

Let me give you also some advice in what regards the recreation centre floor plan. You will need a two floor building. At the first floor you can locate the Registration and a very spacious hall. You could have also a room for café and lounge and some other meeting rooms. At the second floor you should have a dance studio, a weight room, a pottery studio and a multi-purpose auditorium.

But the recreation centre is more then a building. It also includes a four indoor tennis court and a four indoor squash court. In addition, to be more attractive, you should have also a senior’s wing.

Plan everything together with your specialist, enjoy every moment and don’t forget: the recreation centre can be more than a place, for you or for your clients could be the paradise!