West Coast Cottage House Plans

The west coast cottage house plans are the best solution if you want a personal hideaway. You could consider building a cottage house near the coast or even buy an existing cottage on the great sunny west island. The cottages are usually located near a beach or right next to it. You should decide between two choices: the traditional style cottage house (a construction made from wood) and the modern design cottage house build from stone.

A cottage house should have a big living room and a large dinning area. If you're planning to bring your friends here two bedrooms seems the best choice, but if this is just for a romantic escapade or just to spend some time alone, one bedroom is really enough. The shower and a good tub are essential here because that sand and salt from the water will cover your skin every time you take a bath in the ocean/sea. The terrace is a nice a welcome extension to your house because you can take your dinner here and you can admire the beautiful sunset.

You should paint your house in live color's just to make the atmosphere more relaxing. The west coast cottage houses are really suited for independent persons and they are great and relaxing accommodation that you can even rent if you want to make a profit in the summer season.