Wrap Around Porches House Plans

A house with porches around the house is in general associated with a farmhouse. The porch should be very wide and you can even consider some wood sculptures added to the front side. Before entering the house you should first pass thought the front porch.

This is a traditional style and can really offer a great comfort to the owner. The great chimney that appears over the roof and the multi paned windows equipped with shutters can only make this package more irresistible. The standard for the first floor room is 9 foot high. You should have a great room right in the centre of the house.

This is the heart and all the rest of the rooms gravitate around it. This is the life centre of the house. The rest of the rooms can be designated as a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and/or an office. All the doors should be massive and impetuous like the rest of the house. At the end of the never missing staircase should lay the master bedroom. It should have enough light, and a private luxurious bath with a big closet.

The rest of the bedrooms upstairs can share a common bathroom. The best part is that the wrap around porches house plans will attract lot of attention because this structure will make both the back and front very appealing.